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Hello all

So today I um.....I want to talk about my BDD. And I like that there's a community to specifically talk about this, because usually I'm worrying more about my panic attacks or my OCD to even notice what's going on with this disorder. I know that my BDD is so severe that when I was naked with another guy the other day, I was so insecure about how I thought he would think of my body that I had a panic attack that lasted a whole day. I think I need to spend more time exposing myself to the world without makeup. I also need to take more photos, in order to get more comfortable with myself. And I need to stop obsessing over food, because you can only be so healthy. I think my anxiety from my mom being gone is causing me more paranoia than usual. I still think I'm ugly without any makeup, but if I at least have some cover-up and eyebrow enhancer, then I feel pretty good. That's a lot better than I used to be, so I've made some progress.
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